Minimalistic photographic abstraction 10,000ft above ground.

Nominee Fine Art Photography Awards, Amateur, Abstract Category

This series of photographs was taken onboard a commercial airliner on a winter's day, somewhere over the North of France.

The thick, greyish-white cloud cover reflected a faint glow just above the horizon line, where the sky turns from light azure to deep azure as the altitude increases, and the aircraft’s wing was in the shadow of the body, which caused it to appear metallic blue, without any post-processing.

With little else to look at than mere lines and geometric fields of almost uniform colour but for very subtle light variations, the eye travels to the non-level horizon line in an almost disembodied way, inducing a sensation of floating/weightlessness that is not unlike that of being underwater.

This series questions the nature of perception in that it could almost be a purely painterly abstraction, but is an actual representation of nature as captured by the camera, without manipulation.

Superbly rendered on matte Hahnemühle Photo Rag with vibrant colours and smooth transitions.