FREEDIVING, Mindfulness, fine art photography, philosophy and poetry converging into a VISION OF THE POETIC LANGUAGE OF THE SEA.

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Conquer the fear of the unfamiliar and the unfathomable and look below the surface to discover a world of serenity-inducing colour, entrancing light patterns of celestial beauty and deep, wonderful mystery.

My art emerges from a deep calling for the sea.

This was no easy calling as the sea originally was a source of terror. But irresistibly drawn, I persevered until the point where, after many years, I became able to look into the deep blue not only without fear, but with utter wonder.

I began taking underwater pictures in 2013, with a particular interest in frozen water motion, light and water effects, caustics, solar flares, blurs, flowing patterns and natural gradients from deep blue to darkness which point the unexplored vastness below the sea.

In 2017 Deep Blue Cosmos I emerged, a visual exploration of  the similarities between outer space and the abyss:  limitless and hostile wildernesses, light-studded spans of darkness, weightlessness, loss of spatial direction, immense and inexhaustible wonder.

More recently,  I have started experimenting with long exposures underwater (anima liquida and flight into the blue), an exceedingly rarely used technique in underwater photography, and writing accompanying poetic pieces (into the inner being). Though these pieces are not my area of competence, they are essential to the creative process and perhaps also to the conveying of the meaning of the images to the public.

Steeped in mindfulness practice, in the poetry of Hölderlin and Keats and in the transcendental idealism of Schopenhauer, my work tends to the abstract, the poetic, the spiritual and seeks to convey the alteration of perception, akin to a deconditioning of the mind, that occurs underwater and which leads to oneness with nature and to a profound sense of peace and wellbeing.

All my pictures are taken free diving, mostly off wild beaches in the South of France.

I’m French, living both in France and in the UK.

[ chxli refers to that monument of philosophy, Chapter XLI (41)  of Schopenhauer's Second Volume of The World as Will and Representation,  always present in my mind and soul, though of equal importance and perhaps even more so recently, is the poetic contemplation of our oneness with nature so beautifully expressed in Friedrich Hölderlin's Hyperion.
For the curious, you can read Schopenhauer's Chapter XLI  here (go straight to page 238 of 350 of the pdf, or 463 of 697 of the paper book).]